• CyberCyderSecurityCon

    CyberCyderSecCon is filling in for CiderSecCon! After having canceled our on-site event in the beautiful Technoseum in Mannheim, we decided to go virtual / digitial / stream whatever term fits best! We had 6 talks running on Saturday March 14th and are planning more for today. Streaming will start at 15:45 / 3:45PM CET / Berlin.

  • CiderSecCon is cancelled

    CiderSecCon has been cancelled Sorry for the late late late late message: #CiderSecCon20 in Mannheim will be canceled due to, well, the Virus. Sorry for the ?(bad-good)? news. We’re already contacting our speakers and checking if they’d be prepared to stream their talks from home.

  • Corona and CiderSecCon

    CiderSecCon will take place! Obviously all of you and us, too, are tracking the spreading of Corona / SARS-CoV-2. We’ve spent the last few days watching what the RKI has to say and have been in touch with the venue and the local authorities: There are no regulations prohibiting us from running CiderSecCon and there don’t seem to be any on the rise. Still, being Hackers, understanding risk and knowing the difference between liability and “something being sombebodys fault”, we’re doing what we can to reduce the risk for all attendees and speakers.

  • Can't Afford to Join?

    A core aspect and concept of CiderSecurityCon is accessiblity. Thus the ticket prices only barely cover the costs and we’re relying on Code White as our sponsor to make the event possible. Sadly we’ve had some feedback that one of the main groups we wanted to see at the con, students, still can’t afford to join. This now brings us into a complicated situation: We can’t reduce the fees but also don’t want them not to be able to join. So, let’s find a solution!

  • The Unofficial Call for Lanyards

    CiderSecurtiyCon is a community conference, our way of giving something back and connecting a group of awesome people. Thus we had decided to instead of printing our own Lanyards, we’d run an unoffical Call for Lanyards and get in touch with a few other conferences and people we knew to fill a colorful box. The idea was simply to give newcomers an overview of the scene and other conferences and fun stuff around them. And it worked out!

  • CFP Extension

    As we’ve got a few submissions coming in late, we feel it’s only fair to extend the CFP deadline for everybody by a few days. Thus the new CFP closing date is Febuary 25. Hope the extra weekend might also help others!

  • Messed up Lightning Talk CFP

    So it turns out we kind of messed up with the lightning talks and quickly want to fix that: Currently the lightning talks are to be submitted the same way as the other talks, which is overkill! Obviously the submission shouldn’t take longer than the actual presentation. Sorry for that! Here are the new rules!

  • First Speakers

    While our CFP is still running, we’ve started sending out a few acceptance mails and have already received some feedback. Here a short sneak preview!

  • Tickets! Tickets! Tickets!

    We’re happy to announce, that our ticket sale is finally OPEN

  • A little Christmas Miracle

    While it’s been coming closer and closer to Christmas, we’ve been discussing, tinkering, planning and have finally decided to make a little announcement: The very first CiderSecurityCon will take place in the Technoseum in Mannheim on March 14th and 15th 2020!

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