• CFP Closes: 25.02.2020 21.02.2020

  • Notifications - First Round: 12.02.2020
  • Notifications - Second Round: 28.02.2020
  • Conference: 14.03.2020 & 15.03.2020

  • Languages: German or English
  • Single track, all presentations will be on the same stage


If you think others will enjoy it, feel free to submit. Here a list of things we’d love to see.

  • Hacking!
    • Embedded Security
    • Mobile Security
    • Automotive Security
    • SCADA / OT / Industrial
    • Telecommunications
  • General Security Research
    • Including new and revised methodologies
  • Defense

Submission Types

We’ll be having three different types of presentations and spreading them out, depending on the amount of submissions we receive.


Duration: 45 Minutes + 5 Minutes for Questions

Lightning Talk

Duration: 5 Minutes


Duration: 10 Minutes / 8 Minutes + 2 Minutes for Questions

The thesis format is intended for two types of presentations:

  1. Students who have recently finished their thesis und would just love to share their results and thoughts with the audience.
  2. Students “who are getting there” and are seeking some input, inspiration or are in need of discussion. Put your thoughts out there and discuss ideas over a cold beverage.

Speaker Benefits

Being the first edition of our conference, all we have to give is a ginormous “Thank You”, hopefully a lot of fun, surely some cider and I guess free entry should be obvious! At this point we sadly can’t cover costs for travel or accommodation.

How to Submit

For submiting a Lightning Talk please check the news here

Please send an eMail to cfp #@# cidersecuritycon +.+ de containing the following information and answering the questions below:

  • Your Name
  • Your biography
  • Twitter handle?
  • Talk title
  • Presentation type
    • Talk
    • Lightning talk
    • Thesis
  • Short summary
    • Will also be published on the website, if selected
  • Detailed information
    • Content of the talk
    • Outline
    • Paper
    • Your thesis