What is CiderSecurityCon?

CiderSecurityCon is a BSides style event augmenting ERNW’s TROOPERS conference. It will take place on March 14. and 15. 2020 at the Technoseum in Mannheim.

Who should come?

CiderSecurityCon is for everybody interested in security, Hacking and technology. We’re doing our best to put together a both fun and educational agenda. Also we’re keeping the prices low, to ensure that everybody is able to join!

Why Cider Security?

In Hacking and security, there often is a situation in which leaning back and having some Cider (no matter whether hard or not) is the only helpful option one has.

When and where?

CiderSecurityCon will take place on March 14. and 15. at the Technoseum in Mannheim, Germany.

Where do I get a ticket?


There will be three ticket categories:

  • Standard Ticket: 42€
  • Supporter Ticket: 111€
    • A hopefully afordable way of sponsoring us
    • Entry in hall of thanks (if you’d like)
  • Epic Supporter Ticket: 420€
    • En epic way of sponsoring the conference
    • Entry in hall of gratitude (if you’d like)

CiderSecurityCon is organized on a tight budget and aimed at a clean break even. By buying a Supporter or an Epic Supporter Ticket, you’ll make organizing the conference much easier for us and nicer for the attendees. Thus, if we have money spare, we’ll look into supplying drinks and snacks etc. So, if you’re thinking about helping us, please do! :)

Who’s running the show?

CiderSecurityCon is organized by a few neighbourly Hackers!

Thx! Thx! Thx!

Many Thank You’s are needed: