We’re happy to announce, that our ticket sale is finally OPEN

To make things a little easier for us, we’ve decided to use eventbrite as our chosen platform for the ticket sale. We’re currently discussing to add a few extra gimmicks for sale (i.e. T-Shirts ;-) ). As announced, there are three types of tickets, which are all valid on both March 14. and 15.:

  • Standard Ticket: 42€
  • Supporter Ticket: 111€
    • A hopefully afordable way of sponsoring us
    • Entry in hall of thanks (if you’d like)
  • Epic Supporter Ticket: 420€
    • En epic way of sponsoring the conference
    • Entry in hall of gratitude (if you’d like)

CiderSecurityCon is organized on a tight budget and aimed at a clean break even. By buying a Supporter or an Epic Supporter Ticket, you’ll make organizing the conference much easier for us and nicer for the attendees. Thus, if we have money spare, we’ll look into supplying drinks and snacks etc. So, if you’re thinking about helping us, please do! :)

Here is the link to our ticket shop