So it turns out we kind of messed up with the lightning talks and quickly want to fix that: Currently the lightning talks are to be submitted the same way as the other talks, which is overkill! Obviously the submission shouldn’t take longer than the actual presentation. Sorry for that! Here are the new rules!

The Lightning Talk format is limited to 5 Minutes of presentation, thus the submissions have to be quick and easy. So all we want is:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Twitter Handle, so that we can mention you in the Tweets
  3. Your Bio, if you’d like to have it published
  4. The Title of your talk
  5. 3 Sentences on the content!

Send all this to cfp at with “Lightning Talk” in the topic.

That’s all!

Thus we’re also extending the CFP for the Lightning talks until March 4th. Replies will go out as the submissions come in.


Should you not be able to afford the 42€ entrance fee. A Lightning Talk might be a sweet option for you!