CiderSecurtiyCon is a community conference, our way of giving something back and connecting a group of awesome people. Thus we had decided to instead of printing our own Lanyards, we’d run an unoffical Call for Lanyards and get in touch with a few other conferences and people we knew to fill a colorful box. The idea was simply to give newcomers an overview of the scene and other conferences and fun stuff around them. And it worked out!

Here a few facts:

  • We contacted about 10 conferences all over Europe and in Russia
  • Only one hasn’t replied so far
  • Sadly three were out of lanyards
  • We have four bunches of lanyards waiting at home
  • And a stack more in the post

Thus, the lanyard selection at CiderSecCon will be crazy!

At this point I’d like to thank everybody who decided to submit to our CFL, we’ll be naming you all on the site very soon, with a few pictures of the selection. Also the submissions will be revealed on Twitter as they come in.

Also: If you think you should have been invited to the CFL or just simply think you have to submit, drop us an email on orga at and we’ll work something out!