A core aspect and concept of CiderSecurityCon is accessiblity. Thus the ticket prices only barely cover the costs and we’re relying on Code White as our sponsor to make the event possible. Sadly we’ve had some feedback that one of the main groups we wanted to see at the con, students, still can’t afford to join. This now brings us into a complicated situation: We can’t reduce the fees but also don’t want them not to be able to join. So, let’s find a solution!

Should you want to join CiderSecurityCon, but can’t afford it, please send a mail to solutions@cidersecuritycon.de and well, we’ll find a way. But you will have to be convincing and by CONvincing I mean, have a good reason and not a good way of trying to con us.

Everything discussed via solutions is individual and subject to a very simple gentlemans agreement: Nobody needs to know why and that you can’t afford to join and nobody needs to know what option we found to help you.

We very much hope this helps!