CiderSecCon will take place! Obviously all of you and us, too, are tracking the spreading of Corona / SARS-CoV-2. We’ve spent the last few days watching what the RKI has to say and have been in touch with the venue and the local authorities: There are no regulations prohibiting us from running CiderSecCon and there don’t seem to be any on the rise. Still, being Hackers, understanding risk and knowing the difference between liability and “something being sombebodys fault”, we’re doing what we can to reduce the risk for all attendees and speakers.

We’ve decided to limit the amount of attendees to around 100! Adding staff, speakers and a few friends we’ll be less than 140 people. This results in only reaching 50% capacitiy of the room. While it might look a bit empty, this gives you the possibility to spread out across the room. Thus you can safely join CiderSecCon and still stay away from crowded places. We very much hope this makes you feel a bit more comfortable, just the way it does for us.