CiderSecCon has been cancelled Sorry for the late late late late message: #CiderSecCon20 in Mannheim will be canceled due to, well, the Virus. Sorry for the ?(bad-good)? news. We’re already contacting our speakers and checking if they’d be prepared to stream their talks from home.

Thanks for following us, thanks for the trust and we’re really sorry for things having gone this way. We’ll be cancelling the event on Eventbrite, soon. Thus you’re free to request the fees back. Obviously, we’ll be stuck with a few costs, so should you be watching the streams or just happy to support us, we’re very thankful for every booking that isn’t cancelled.

Thus, if it works out, you may join in to the awesome content we had promised, but still, sadly, won’t get the face to face. Still: we’re already discussing #CiderSecCon#2020b for later this year (when things are better)